What technology is best for SEO when building a new website?

There are many different ways to make websites nowadays, and luckily most of these technologies work well in search as long as you do the research first to thoroughly understand the language, framework or platform you plan to use as well as understand the fundamentals of SEO.

The technology you choose depends on the expertise you have within the team. If you are only a small organisation, it’s probably more important to find a technology that works well for you and the people that you are working with, who can help you get things set up and support you with solving the hurdles that come with any new website that you roll out.

For more experienced teams, there are some really exciting, innovative and dynamic new technologies out there and others being developed. If you can, we would recommend starting with building a brief and doing your research. Whenever we are planning a new website or app for clients, we always start with research to see if there is anything new or whether a platform that we have previously disregarded has been updated with better features.

Choosing a technology for your website also really depends on what the website will be about and do. If it needs to be interactive, then we would recommend looking into more modern formats, maybe even a JavaScript framework. If you just want to get on with writing content and you don’t have time to figure out all of the technical details, then using a popular CMS like WordPress could probably be a good approach. With a popular CMS, if you run into issues, chances are someone else has had the same problem so you’ll be able to easily find a solution online. There are also SEO plugins for WordPress to help with onsite optimisation.

Whatever technology you decide to go with, it’s important to keep SEO front-of-mind when designing the website, the user experience or planning out the content.

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