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Planning an SEO Strategy

Having a well-thought out strategy is essential for earning those top positions across the search results to increase traffic, conversions and sales organically.

To formulate a tailored strategy, we usually start with conducting in-depth research into your customers’ interests and pain-points. We also build an understanding of the current state of SEO by completing a thorough technical and content analysis of your website, audit your backlink profile, and dig into analytics, rankings and the makeup of the SERPs (search engine results pages).

We then define, dissect and learn from your search competitors’ websites, their top content, campaigns and links to assess your gaps and opportunities as well as build a source of inspiration for new ideas. This part of the process can be expanded to analysing the top-performing websites that target users in other countries or learn from similar competitive marketplaces.

From day one, all valuable insights found are turned into recommendations. These recommendations will continually develop as the process evolves and will be prioritised by impact, time to implement and whether tactics are delivered inhouse, by a third party or us. Recommendations may be anything from building new features or using specific terminology to ways of fixing technical issues or digital PR plans to earn links from popular websites.

SEO strategy

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