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Competitor analysis

In SEO, it’s important to identify not only your business competitors online but also your search competitors. Search competitors are those websites competing for the same keywords as you’re targeting, but they may not be considered direct business competitors.

Competitor research for SEO is an overall assessment of your competitors in a specific industry, market or groups of keywords. The value of competitor research is in creating a framework that helps identify the gaps and opportunities for your website and building an effective strategy around these insights.

After defining who is ranking, we dissect and learn from their websites to understand why it ranks higher than other sites targeting the same keywords in the search engines. We analyse the page to understand why it ranks and what makes it unique and remarkable. We’ll also look at their top content across the competitor’s website, any unique features or products that you don’t have, successful campaigns, overall user experience and signals of trust, the website’s structure, and external links pointing to them. We do this to assess your gaps and opportunities as well as build a source of inspiration for new ideas.

To make you really stand out, this process can be expanded to dissecting and learning from the top-performing websites that target users in other countries or learning from similar competitive marketplaces.

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