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Information architecture

Develop an effective physical website structure

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Website architecture

Building a website is like building anything else: the architecture is key. This is the hierarchy of your website, how your pages are organised and which ones link to each other. It’s one of the fundamental building blocks of SEO and is especially important for large websites.

From a human point-of-view, information architecture is important so that users can easily find what they are looking for. If they can’t, they’ll go elsewhere.

The structure of a website also helps search engines read all the content on your website, understand the context of your pages and how they relate to one another and is how they move between those pages effectively. If crawlers cannot access content, they cannot understand and rank it.

After auditing your existing structure and content, we’ll map out an effective website structure that is streamlined and well-organised to satisfy both the needs of users and the search engines.

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