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Effective and sustainable SEO techniques that lead to discovery and sales without the worry of penalties

Whether you’re a startup, a FTSE 100 company or anywhere in between, organic search is one of the most efficient marketing channels to invest in. A solid SEO strategy is based on constantly striving to be the best option online for your target audience so that you earn positions in the search results. From technical SEO tweaks to creative content marketing campaigns, find out how we can help you with your digital strategy.

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Innovation. Imagination. Curiosity. Non-stop learning, tinkering and testing. Lessons from years of inhouse and agency experience. Listening to what our customers want. Passionate about exceeding expectations. These are the things that distinguish us from other top SEO agencies in London. Not only do we keep our clients by delivering excellent results, but there’s no blackhat trickery, no long-term tie-ins, no jargon or nonsense. Just great work for the right money by people who are driven to make a difference. Your journey to growing your website into something extraordinary starts here.

Popular SEO services

We work with all types of organisations, from different sizes and sectors to various business models and objectives. Campaigns are bespoke to each client’s needs and usually combine a number of SEO services:

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Ways we can work together

Michael Chidzey SEO Consultant
SEO Consultancy

✓ Get clear, actionable, data-driven insights and strategies when you need them

Our bespoke industry-leading SEO consulting services are designed to help organisations make the very most of what they are doing online from just a little support and training to creating and delivering their SEO strategy.

We don’t believe that there is a ‘one size fits all’ approach to SEO. Sure, the fundamentals are the same, but all websites, businesses and teams have their own challenges that require unique solutions.

Our job is understand those challenges, the goals and the team to be able to develop a personalised SEO service that drives real business results.

SEO training
SEO Training

✓ Fast track your team’s knowledge to deliver better results back at the office

Whether you are looking for an expert to walk you through tackling a specific challenge like growing your company’s blog, improving your link building results or expanding your entire team’s SEO skill set – we can help (online or in-person).

We don’t offer a rigid curriculum where we teach basic theory or generic SEO case studies. Instead, all training delivered is tailored to your organisation, is actionable and based on the lessons learned from decades of experience in increasing rankings, traffic and conversions, as well as being refined to maximise the time spent on SEO.

Our training sessions have not only been delivered to companies but also to third-year and Masters marketing students at City University, University of East London, London Metropolitan University, Coventry University, Oxford Brookes and many more. However, our trainers don’t just teach for a living, they are responsible for the digital marketing strategies for multiple types of organisations all over the world.

Content marketing
One-off projects

✓ Successfully navigate one-off, complex projects without devastating traffic and revenue

Whether you are migrating your website to a new domain, changing your CMS, merging brands, need to recover from a penalty, planning to build links or just want an independent audit of your website’s SEO, we have seen and handled it all.

If you don’t have the resources or the capacity inhouse, we can quickly become an extension of your team. We can do everything from helping you build out the project brief or providing full project management to just being a second pair of eyes to make sure you have everything covered or providing you with information and advice needed to make informed decisions. Not only will we put your minds at ease but most importantly give your project the best possible chance of having a positive impact on your website’s visibility in the search results and revenue.

User experience
Website takeover

✓ Completely leave your website marketing to the SEO experts

To avoid the hassle of recruiting and managing a digital marketing team inhouse, some clients prefer to hand over the responsibility of SEO, either for their entire website or a section of it, to us.

After an SEO audit and agreeing on a 12-month strategy with quarterly reviews to grow the organisation’s online presence, our team takes on the tasks that any inhouse team would do. These activities usually include creative and content creation, continuously optimising existing pages, running link building and digital PR campaigns, increasing page speed, providing SEO support with any development updates, conducting search competitor analysis, monitoring rankings, traffic and leads on a daily basis, and reporting monthly on deliverables, performance and future ideas and tactics.

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SEO recruitment

✓ Save time and money when looking for your next employee

Sometimes the best and most affordable way to work together is to help clients build their own inhouse SEO team.

Not only do we offer training and coaching, but also support during the recruitment process. Whether it’s writing a job spec, identifying potential candidates on LinkedIn, sifting through CVs and applications, running initial pre-screening Skype interviews or sitting-in on final interviews, we’re here to help you find the best people for the job.
However, we know that recruitment can be expensive. Unlike recruitment companies, we don’t take a commission on salaries and we aren’t biased towards the candidates we’ve found. Instead, you just pay us for our time.

We’ve helped a number of clients recruit for all levels of seniority, from heads of departments and SEO managers to marketing executives and interns. We also cover all areas of digital marketing and SEO, such as analytics, creative, link building and PR, digital strategy, ecommerce, PPC, CRO, Social Media, Google Tag Manager, digital design, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I invest in SEO?

Whether we’re looking for a new car or a plumber, we join the millions and millions of others turning to search engines like Google several times a day to help solve our problems. Unlike other forms of marketing that interrupt people, SEO makes your website highly visible to users when they’re actively looking for products and services like yours. If your website is not there, then those users are heading straight to your competitors instead.

Whether you’re looking to increase sales, leads, donations, applications, sign-ups or downloads, the goal of SEO is to help grow your organisation. With SEO, there is no expiry date and the benefits compound over time, to the point where you eventually get traffic and leads for free.

However, you can’t buy those top positions, they have to be earned. It’s not enough to just create a website that search engines can crawl and understand. The best and most sustainable way to achieve this is investing in actually being the best. It’s providing a better user experience with a website that looks great, is easy-to-navigate, quick-to-load and mobile-friendly. It’s publishing high-quality, useful content that users actually read, bookmark and share. It’s about getting five-star reviews and recommendations for what you actually sell and do. It’s being talked about on social media, in industry forums, on blogs, covered in magazines and newspapers. It's about building trust and credibility which are earned and built over time, just like in real life.

This means SEO takes a lot of work and you have to be patient, but thankfully the results will continue to be felt years later, which is what makes SEO an investment.

However, this long-term mindset isn’t for every organisation. If you are looking for a return on investment immediately, you may find that you get frustrated and end up pulling the plug early on. For more immediate, short-term wins, there are other ways, such as PPC and paid social advertising. The downside of pay per click is that when you stop spending your ads instantly disappear.

Another common roadblock to investing in SEO is that businesses don’t match their SEO goals with their budget. If you invest on the low end of the price spectrum, you’ll be employing a low-level skillset or only have a small number of man-hours. As mentioned, with SEO the more you put in, the more you stand to get out. Moving from position #97 to #32 isn’t going to do anything to your bottom line.

If you are going to invest in SEO, you should do it properly. View any outrageously cheap offer or guarantee with caution. You also have to be careful about hiring-in just any help as a lot of people lie about what they’ve done. They'll eventually get caught out, but you'll be out of pocket and they may also end up hurting your website rather than helping.

To build a business case for SEO, we recommend collecting average monthly search volumes from Google Keyword Planner and using this CTR study by AWR to build forecasts. Then look at existing conversion data in Google Analytics and AdWords. Note that this will only represent a window on investing in SEO and will not account for any new revenue opportunities generated.

Do you only provide SEO in London?

Not at all. Although we are based in London, we have clients as far away as Australia.

Our clients that are based in other UK cities don't notice any difference at all. Our teams travel to them, let them know when they are next in their area and will make time to meet them whenever they're in London.

The only drawback to not being based in the same country as us is that rather than meeting in-person, discussions and training usually happen in the form of video meetings. For anything else, we're always just a phone call away and available on Slack, Skype, Whatsapp or email.

We have had to become accustomed to working with clients across different timezones and we've found that it doesn't take long to find a rhythm that works well.

What resources do you have?

Every project is assigned an SEO director and we handpick the finest quality specialists from our extensive network of copywriters, web designers, videographers, ecommerce developers, illustrators, photographers, technical SEOs, content marketers and many more.

Unlike other London SEO agencies that outsource everything, including the planning and management, we plan and administer each step – from the initial analysis of your needs to the final execution.

We go that extra mile to produce excellence and perfection in every project that we deliver.

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