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The name of our company, John Cabot, links us with the spirit of the tireless search to establish communication links with others and to explore new frontiers using the latest technology.

Statue of John Cabot in Bristol

John Cabot’s Adventures

John Cabot, although Italian, was the first Ocean Explorer based largely in Bristol. He represented England by the authority of King Henry VII and was granted a patent in 1496 for five ships to look for lands to the north, east and west.

From 1496 to 1498 — less than a decade after Christopher Columbus — he set sail three times for the New World.

John Cabot’s most successful voyage was his second trip, in 1497. It was in a single British ship, The Matthew, leaving on the 2nd May, he reached land across the Atlantic on the 24th June and explored North America’s coast at Newfoundland. He returned to Bristol on the 6th August after a return journey of just 15 days, which was the fastest on record. The ship was only 50 tons and it sailed with only eighteen to twenty men.

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The Matthew Ship, Bristol - side shot

John Cabot Statue, Bristol - Front

The ship The Matthew sailing

Photo from Inside The Matthew

The Matthew's Ship Mast

The Matthew Moored

John Cabot Statue Bristol - front shot

The Matthew Ship Moored in Bristol

John Cabot statue Bristol - side shot